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The history of Canada is not as long as some may think.. but it certainly is a eventful and exciting history nonetheless. Thousands of years in the past the land was settled by Paleo-Indians and in fact continue to do so to this very day. For generations upon generation Canada has been inhabited by many distinct groups with many different beliefs and religions. Many civilizations perished before the very first European explorers even stepped for on Canadian shores. Roughly around the 15th century, British along with French explorers made their impact. The Confederation was formed in 1867 from British colonies, it was at that point where Canada became a federal union consisting of simply four provinces. In 1982, the Canada Act was completed which severed the legal dependence of Canada on the British ..

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AB Alta. Province of Alberta, CANADA
BC B.C. Province of British Columbia, CANADA
MB Man. Province of Manitoba, CANADA
NB N.B. Province of New Brunswick, CANADA
NL Nfld. Province of Newfoundland & Labrador, CANADA
NS N.S. Province of Nova Scotia, CANADA
NT N.W.T. Province of Northwest Territories, CANADA
NU - Province of Nunavut, CANADA
ON Ont. Province of Ontario, CANADA
PE P.E.I. Province of Prince Edward Island, CANADA
QC Que. Province of Quebec, CANADA
SK Sask. Province of Saskatchewan, CANADA
YT Yuk. Province of Yukon, CANADA

Canada Provinces Map

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